Using Sales Affirmations To Improve Performance

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Being a professional sales person can be very emotionally taxing. There are often highs experienced when deals are won. There are many lows experienced from the rejection that comes from cold calling and losing deals. The lows can wear on a person and can have a negative impact on overall sales performance. Although, if we train ourselves to more effectively deal with the lows, we could have a positive impact on our results.

One approach to improve your mental state enough to better weather to storm of lows can be to use sales affirmations. An affirmation is simply a declaration of something that is true. And when you apply them to sales, you are simply stating something that is true about you, about what you are selling, and about the company you are selling for.

Why Affirmations Help
When we get knocked down during cold calling by people being rude and rejecting our interest in talking with them, we can easily begin to doubt ourselves and the products or services that we are selling. This doubt can have a negative impact on performance in a way that it can it increase reluctance for future activity. Why should I cold call if nobody wants to buy anything? The other thing that the doubt can do is impact your presence when communicating to prospects as the doubt can create a lack of confidence and this can be heard in your tonality and what you say.

Sales affirmations help turn you around from the direction of doubt to the direction of confidence. The end result is less resistance to reaching out to prospects and cold calling anxiety and building a stronger, more confident presence when you communicating.

What good affirmations for sales look like?
If your goal is to use these statements to improve and strengthen your mental state, then you want them to be as strong and positive as possible. They should also be true and statements that you can stand behind and believe in. If you do not truly believe the affirmation or declaration, then it will have little impact on strengthening your mental state.

Building Sales Affirmations
Below are some areas to look when making affirmations.

Affirmations about you: When we get knocked down during cold calling, we can easily begin to doubt ourselves in our abilities and knowledge. We all have strengths and things that we do well. As part of building affirmations, think about all of the good things you bring to the table.

Affirmations about what you are selling: When we get objections from prospects, it is easy you lose belief in what we are selling. But in most cases, what we are selling will deliver some sort of value and benefit to our prospects. We need to build affirmations that help us to never lose site of this.

Affirmations about the organization that we represent: Every market has fierce competition. When we are in the trenches fighting against these competitors and sometimes losing deals, we can lose confidence in the organization and company that we work for. Build out a list of your competitive advantages that you have against the competition.

How to Use Sales Affirmations
Affirmations should be written or typed out on a piece of paper. As part of your daily warm up activities, you should read over the list to remind yourself of the points. It can be very helpful if the list of sales affirmations can be printed out and posted somewhere where you will see them and read them from time-to-time.
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Using Sales Affirmations To Improve Performance

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This article was published on 2010/10/12