Sharing Sales Jokes Good For Team Spirit

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Many companies are reluctant to encourage the use of humour or jokes about sales in the work environment for fear that a lack of discipline develops, productivity reduces and staff for one reason or another feel offended, e.g. (inappropriate adult sales jokes being told in mixed company and mixed age groups.) While it is important for management to maintain a disciplined work culture this does not need to be at the expense of humour in the office workplace.

Research indicates that by encouraging a sense of humour and the sharing of sales jokes or other jokes about sales training and funny anecdotes, productivity improves, discipline does not fall away and overall the office spirit is lifted.

In sales meetings it is particularly important to engage the staff with a few good sales jokes. Jokes about sales can be readily accessed on the internet so ensure that your management or sales manager has one or two jokes on sales that he can call upon when he feels that he feels the team might be loosing focus. The sales manager will be far more effective in imparting knowledge about sales skills and techniques if he engages his team with a good sales meeting joke or if a training session organized for a half day again, a good sales training joke will come in handy to keep everybody focused and engaged.

Telling a good sales joke in a sales meeting environment has the additional benefit of improving the overall company spirit when the sale team shares the joke with other members of staff within the company. In doing so, those other workers feel included and far more likely to work with the team rather than against it, in achieving targets.

The reality is that if your administrative staff are happy and feel part of the team, they will become more efficient and focused on the task at hand. Studies indicate that where the administrative division of a company is happy to be at work and feels part of a team they will produce more efficiently and promptly and where the task involves invoicing and accounts, it has been found that invoices are issued faster, invoice follow up is pursued and the cash flow of the business is improved as a result.

Recent studies in the United Kingdom demonstrated that sales jokes or jokes about sales training when told in the office environment created a positive attitude within the office workplace and between staff members and sales targets were exceeded on average by 10%. It is easy to see that by including sales jokes and a general humorous approach in the office will benefit not just staff morale but also the company's productivity and net profit position.

It is a simple way to achieve a better outcome for the company and at the end of the day, jokes on sales are inexpensive and effective.
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Sharing Sales Jokes Good For Team Spirit

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This article was published on 2011/01/07