How To Write an Effective Sales Letter

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If you want to make a successful sale in the internet marketing process, one of which is to write a sales letter. Each step of the plan has a significant role in the overall success of the product sales, therefore it should be planned carefully.

A professional looking website is very important in making sales. However, without an effective sales letter, the website will be useless. Words make sales, not fancy websites. Words are the entire foundation for a business. The product, website and marketing strategies depend on the words used. Hence, it is important to learn how to write persuasive words that are specifically written for targeted customer. Customers needs have to be identified and the sales letter has to be written with passion, excitement and benefit.


To write effective sales letters, words are the most important part of the complete marketing strategy. Begin the sales letter with a powerful, attention-grabbing headline, which could be in the form of a question or in the form of an interesting statement. Use bold type font across the top of the page for this part so that, if nothing else, at least the headline is seen by potential customers. Every headline, sentence and word should have one specific purpose to lead potential customers to the order page. Fill the page with all the benefits the e-book has to offer. Tell the potential customer what the e-book will do for them, and identify a specific problem to promote your e-book as a solution.


When designing a sales letter, the most important part of the page to remember is the sales description. Artistic websites and fancy graphics do not make sales, the words do. The sales letter should have one specific, which is getting potential customers to take action. The sales letter should be simple and focuses on one product.


It is best to design the page in standard HTML and avoiding any fancy Flash or plug-ins. The page needs to load as quickly as possible and draw the visitors' attention to the text. Another important consideration is the search engines. The page needs to be specifically designed to rank high on search engines. One key step is to include good META tags. However, including META tags is only a small part in making a page rank high in search engines. The page design, title, description, text, anchor text, and image alternative text all play a very important role in making a page rank high.


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How To Write an Effective Sales Letter

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This article was published on 2010/05/31